Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's More to See Than Can Ever Be Seen

It's kind of funny that now that I'm getting ready to leave Singapore, I'm getting better at updating my blog. Anyways, last night was one of the best nights I've experienced in Singapore. I watched The Lion King at the Marina Bay Sands with my cousin Petrina, Aunty Liz, and Sherill. IT WAS AMAZING. Now I understand why Amanda has gone twice and still can't get enough of it! Everything was brilliant, from the singing to the costumes to the props to the backdrops. It was so much fun being able to dress up all fancy and stuff.

AND since the theater wasn't even that big, we were pretty close to the stage.

We  were in Row O, so I think that put us only about 13 rows away from the stage.

The opening scene set the precedent for the rest of the show. Rafiki (amazing singer and actress) started off by singing The Circle of Life, and the next thing you know you feel like you're in an African safari. There are birds flying around above you and elephants walking through the aisles and cheetahs and gazelles leaping around on stage. The sun started rising, and basically anything I can describe here does not do the live show much justice. You just have to be there to experience it.

But the entire cast was just amazing. Scar had the sweetest mask and was great in his role. Baby Nala and Simba were the cutest kids ever, Timon and Pumbaa were hilarious, the hyenas looked like hyenas, the lionesses were so cool, Mufasa was brilliant, and Simba and Nala all grown up were just as great as their younger cohorts. Oh and Zazu! Super funny. And obviously everyone else that I didn't mention was just as cool.

The stage was amazing too (I keep using that word since there's no other way to describe the experience). The ground rose at times, the night sky looked so real, real grass was used for the plains, the stampede was so extremely realistic, and at one point when Simba touched his reflection he actually scooped up real water from the stage.

Just as amazing as the costumes and acting and props was the music. Almost every song that wasn't a solo was sung by what sounded like an African gospel choir and was so moving. And these people had some of the best voices that I have ever heard. I think the grown up Nala was my favorite, but everyone else was just as great as her.

When we first got to the theater and a little boy came and sat in the row behind us, Petrina and I were a little worried that he would be talking and we would be annoyed. But even though he blurted some things out, it just added to the experience. One of our favorite moments was when the lionesses went on a hunt and killed a gazelle, and right as it went silent, he asked, "What just happened?" And even though he wasn't the quietest kid ever, it wasn't really quiet in the theater anyways. I guess I don't have much experience being in a live audience, but it was great how interactive it was and how it actually made you feel. We were all laughing and crying and just awestruck in general.

The writers also added a tiny bit to the script in order to appeal to the Singaporean audience, which got laughs out of everyone in the audience. During the I Just Can't Wait to Be King sequence, which was just as psychedelic and crazy as the cartoon version, Zazu was going nuts, and to one of the animals that he saw, he said, "Oh look! A Chinese dragon. Ni hao!" And at the end of the sequence when Simba and Nala managed to get rid of Zazu so they could run off to the elephant graveyard, Zazu flew into a wall and fell down, then stood up and started yelling as he flew off the stage, "Nimba! Sala! Oh look, is that a merlion?" And when Timon was sleeping on some grass and the grass helped him to stand up, he was about to walk away when he remembered to turn around and say, "Oh, xie xie ni!"

Basically, it was a night to remember, and if I were given the opportunity to see it again, I definitely would! It's a great show for everyone of all ages, and I would recommend it to anyone!


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KC said...

AHHHH I AM SO FAR BEHIND IN YOUR BLOG POSTS :( I love all of them so much, especially some of the pictures from your "rendezvous" because they're super cool. Oh and also the one of the mac n cheese :) Also the story about the little boy getting his picture taken was sooo adorable! Also for real I feel like you are so fancy and stylish now (not that you weren't before, just now it seems like you are extra sophisticated) and I love it. I am going to have to step up my fashion game when you get back. Lately I've been dressing like a ragamuffin. Anyway, I love your blog and I miss you so much but it looks like you're having a blast! Make sure you make the most of the rest of your time!!! love, case xo