Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Top of the World

Goodness gracious I'm so far behind. But I feel as if I need to finish this since my travel blog wouldn't be complete without my last few adventures in Asia. I'll begin with the night of April 28th. This was a night to remember and I couldn't have asked for a better beginning of the end. Haga had gotten in touch with Gina every time he came back to Singapore and this last trip was the first time that she was actually in the country during his visit, so we decided to meet up with him for dinner. He insisted on going to a French bistro in Marina Bay Sands where he apparently knew the manager, so we dressed up for a nice night out.

Haga was quite the gentleman and paid for our meal, and his friend Sebastian the manager was kind enough to bring out three complementary desserts and some lemon pastries right out of the oven. After our delicious meal was finished, we snuck up to the SkyPark, which is the observation deck at the top of the Sands. Once we were up there, we managed to get into the pool area thanks to Gina's natural charm and beauty. Only after we got inside the area did we realize that the changing rooms were outside the pool area and since we didn't want to risk leaving and having to come in again we just changed on the pool deck. Once inside the pool, the view was spectacular.

Our experience at the top of the Sands was the best way to spend our last night out together.

After swimming in the pool and sitting in the hot tub for way too long, we changed back out of our swimsuits and met up with Jochen who took me to 1-Altitude. 1-Altitude is the highest rooftop bar in the world, and stands 63 stories above Marina Bay. Even though I was clearly the youngest person up there, I wasn't going to let anything ruin my fun. We walked around the perimeter multiple times (there was nothing else to do up there) and got the see the city from a whole new perspective.

After this trip, I'm pretty sure I photographed the Sands from every possible angle. It was so cool seeing it from the top of 1-Altitude though, because it was a whole different perspective than anyone is used to seeing. Because of the distance between us and the building, it looked so tiny and squashable. It makes you realize that the way you see anything in life really does just depend on and change based on your point-of-view.

I've always said that the Marina Bay area at night is my favorite place to be in Singapore, and I was so happy to be able to spend my last night here in such a spectacular way.


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