Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I Miss About the USA

  1. Good food. (Cheap food, even if it is Asian, just isn't the same.)
  2. Clean bathrooms.
  3. Clean showers.
  4. Clean hallways.
  5. A well-lit, clean shower, without bugs.
  6. Izzy and Bob.
  7. Window screens.
  8. Carpeting.
  9. Boots and sweaters.
  10. Being able to walk around campus. (Buckley to Northwest has nothing on NUS.)
  11. Not having to climb an average of 50 flights of stairs per day.
  12. A printer.
  13. Driving.
  14. Not having to rely on public transportation.
  15. Not having to budget a minimum of 30 minutes to travel anywhere.
  16. Bus drivers who understand that there are people standing and trying to balance.
  17. Being able to sit on buses.
  18. Patient drivers.
  19. Crossing the street fearlessly.
  20. My entire wardrobe.
  21. All my shoes.
  22. Unlimited texting.
  23. Texting KC about anything and everything.
  24. A fridge.
  25. A microwave.
  26. A futon.
  27. Snuggling under comforters.
  28. Salads.
  29. Cereal.
  30. MILK.
  31. UConn.
  32. Class grades based on your own performance, not your performance relative to others.
  33. Students who know how to have fun on top of studying.
  34. Forever21 that is affordable.
  35. Being able to take out money at an ATM not in increments of $50.
  36. Store 24, Wings, Husky Pizza, Starbucks.
  37. The study lounge.
  38. 50 minute classes.
  39. My cozy dorm room.
  40. 3 ring binders.
  41. Spiral bound notebooks.
  42. Gum.
  43. My cat.
  44. My friends.
  45. My family. (Even though they're here with me now!)
  46. And the list goes on...

Some things I actually like about Singapore:
  1. There's always something to do.
  2. Never-ending shopping.
  3. Every Nation Church Singapore.


KC said...

I like 23. I miss texting you too :( Also does Singy not have MILK??? Or binders? Or screens? And if you don't have a printer what do you do?! I'm so confused! Also I like that Izzy and Bob ( the cleaning guys??) were on the list long before your friends.

rebecca.harms said...

there's milk but it doesn't taste the same and it's expensive so i never drink it. and you 2 hole punch A4 sized paper then stick it into a folder type thing. no binders. and no screens on windows. and i have to go to the library (which closes at 10pm) whenever i need to print. and you guys were at the end cause i saved the best for last =)