Friday, January 14, 2011

Adventures in Singapore

I guess I never realized going into this how time consuming it would be to keep a blog! I'm failing miserably, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up and stay caught up! Firstly, no blog about Singapore would be complete without pictures of palm trees =)

I haven't been able to do much touring around since classes started on Monday, but I went everywhere in my first week here. After going to Little India, we decided it would be a good idea to go to Chinatown to eat and explore.
From left to right: Evan, Gina, Geoff, and me. We're all from UConn but only Evan and Gina are on exchange with me.

On Saturday, we decided to hit up the beach! I think this is the first time I have ever been to the beach in January.

The water was surprisingly chilly, but with the hot weather here it was definitely welcomed.

Saturday was Romana's birthday, so we went to dinner at a restaurant by Marina Bay. That part of the city is absolutely gorgeous at night. We were able to see the Marina Bay Sands lit up:

The Fullerton Hotel:

The Merlion:

And other parts of the city:

On Sunday, Aunty Lay Hoon and Gu Gong took me out to lunch and then up to the SkyPark, which is the top of the Marina Bay Sands building. The view of Marina Bay and the surrounding area was spectacular from 56 stories high, even with the fog.

After the visit to Marina Bay Sands, I was dropped off at the zoo, where I met Geoff and Gina for the Night Safari. It was hard to take pictures since you weren't allowed to use flash photography, but I tried to get a few good ones!

And of course an elephant for KC =)

That pretty much sums up everything fun I've done here so far. My friends and I have done plenty of shopping; there are malls and street vendors everywhere!! Monday marked the beginning of classes for this semester =( I wish my time in Singapore could be all fun and games but I guess I have to fit some studying in as well! And the reason why I haven't posted any pictures of my room yet is because I'm still partially living out of my suitcases... oops. I guess I should finish unpacking soon. That's all for now though! More to come on the good life in Singapore! Miss you and love you all back home! xoxo



Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Miss you too! Mom

KC said...

Aw thanks for the elephant! :) It looks like you are having a blast, which makes me happy. But I still miss you! Also those pictures all look so great! Good thing you bought that new camera. Oh also those ones of the hotels and stuff are so shiny and lit up that it almost looks like you are studying abroad in Las Vegas. Ok bye! Miss you!

meggasus said...

Singapore looks amazing! The city really does look beautiful at night....

yay for going to the beach in January!

xoxo meg

johanna said...

REB! Those pictures are gorgeous!! It`s good to see that you`re really taking advantage of your experience!!

Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't know you bought a new camera. Why didn't we see it at Christmas?? You know I'm into gadgets. hehe. Keeping you in our prayers. Kante, don't you know. PS:feel free to reply to some of these comments!

rebecca.harms said...

kc, meg, and hanna i miss you guys so much it's weird to think i'm starting a new semester without you guys! kan-tie, yeah... i didn't take it out that much cause i didn't want it ruined but my casio got stolen so i bought a new nokia. i'm trying to getto those other places you mentioned too! and poh-poh said you can't call internationally so she gave me your number; i'll try to call soon. but you should come to malaysia at least so i can see you!