Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend 3 in Singapore

Ok, clearly blogging is not my calling. I apologize for the lack of upkeep since I know you're all dying to hear about my adventures over here. Now that classes have started to pick up, I feel like I have so much to do. I have some assignments, but mostly teachers assign a lot of reading. Not my favorite thing to do. This past weekend was one of the funnest so far. Saturday, we made a trip to the zoo. I took over 300 pictures that day, not even kidding. The animals were just so cool! By far one of the best zoos I have ever been to. Or maybe it's just that I don't remember anything about zoos since I haven't been to one in forever. One of the first animals we saw was a big ugly monkey with a gigantic nose. Apparently, the bigger the nose, the more attractive the male is.

We saw a lot of other monkeys, and definitely noticed a trend. They REALLY like to groom each other.

We also saw most of the main characters from The Lion King. We saw Simba,



and Pumbaa.

One of the coolest animals of the day though was by far the elephant. They had an elephant show that showcased how smart these animals were. Now I understand why KC loves them so much! At the beginning of the show, they elephants sprayed the audience members. We were in the second row, but luckily we only got misted.

Amazingly enough, even though elephants are ginormous animals, they have an amazing sense of balance. This elephant walked across the log like a balance beam, turned around without touching the ground, and then managed to balance on only two feet.

Basically, the point of the show was to show how strong yet gentle elephants are. All of us were amazed at how talented these creatures are.

Even though the elephants were really cool, my favorite animal of the day was by far the white tiger. One of the tigers seemed to know what us tourists like, since he was putting on quite the show. He spent most of the time pacing back and forth at the front of the exhibit, swam around in the water, and then went back to strutting his stuff so all of us could take fifty million pictures of him. I just counted the pictures that I took, and I took 45 pictures of the white tigers alone.

The zoo was very eventful, but tiring, so Saturday night was a night for relaxing. But we were ready for more adventure the next day. On Sunday we went to the horse races! We all dressed up and pretended we were the fancy rich people that go to horse races. I was crossing my fingers that there would be a horse named Dover so that I could cheer for it. (That was a reference to My Fair Lady if you didn't get it.) Unfortunately, there was no Dover, but there was a horse named Jewel Princess. I would have bet on her solely because of her name, but her stats in the past didn't look too great so I refrained. We were also disillusioned about fancy people going to horse races. We only paid a few dollars to get into the grandstand, so we were surrounded by old men who were smoking and betting. I guess you have to be in the owners' boxes in order to see the fancy part of the races. All in all though it was a mucho fun day.

Despite the intense wind and the sporadic rain drops here and there, the races were a blast. This weekend was one of the best and I look forward to the coming weekend as well! Hugs and kisses to all!


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KC said...

ELEPHANTS ARE THE BEST! I love that you basically included a shout out to me :) you da best. Also, when you said you saw Nala, I scrolled down to see the picture, and she looks like she's gotten a little chubby since the movie...
Anyway, it seems like you're livin' the life over there and I'm jealous. Plus I miss you. And it is a good thing that you are taking a completely unreasonable amount of pictures because i want to see everything when you get back!